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  • How long do I have to Download my Files?
    You have 30 days to download your files. Please make sure you save them carefully.
  • What are ZIP files?
    Zip files are like a folder. You will need software to unzip your files. Most device already have this, but you may need to search online and install the software. Your JPEG files will be in a zip file, so make sure you can open them. If not, please contact me befroe you make a purchase.
  • How do I download my files?
    Once you complete your purchase you will be taken to your order page, here you will find a download button. You will also recive an email with your download link. You have 30 days to download your files, please save them carefully.
  • What paper do you print digitals onto?
    I print onto Epson Photo Quality Paper for pages and Epson Heavy Weight Matte paper for ephemera. I will sometimes use Ivory cardstock for ephemera if there is no colour in the images. you will get clear prints if you use a photographic paper and you will also get better results if you use the correct paper, for your printer.
  • How do I make my print fit my page?
    If you are not using A4 paper, you will have an option in your printer software to 'Fit page' or similar. Please refer to your printer manual or search on-line. I am unable to offer technical support, I just do not have knowledge of every printer and setup. x
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